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What started it all

Hi friends! I’ve taken some time to start this blog post as a way of introducing you to some like minded farmers and entrepreneurs that get at the heart of sustainable permaculture and what it means. This is what gave Coffey Farms its inception and farm that started it all.

Joel Salatin is the lunatic farmer from Virginia that started the Coffey Farms idea that small farms all across our nation could help feed their communities with the best-clean food using low cost-portable-infrastructure. The driving philosophy is that the earth is a teeming ecological womb ready to give life in abundance when stewarded correctly and with wisdom, taking into account the very God given natures of each living being on the farm. From the herbivorous cow to the earth worm under the soil doing its ever important job. It all works together to give life and substance to us as people. We hope to steward it well.

check out polyface farms for more reading details on this amazing idea.

You can browse Salatins blog here for more to chew on!

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